Saturday, November 26, 2005

Re-entering the Blog World...Kind of...

So I've stopped stalking other blogs and thought I would at least get one entry into my blog before the month of November is over. I'm smelling a new year's resolution concerning my blog.

But in the meantime, my blog will be on the inactive side because of end of semester craziness.

Hope anyone who is still occasionally checking enjoys this. I've seen it on other blogs. Type into Google "Your name" and "needs" and see what happens.

Apparantly I need...

1. an adoptive family that is very structured. (Hmmmm)
2. a bit of time off by herself to process things. (Yes!)
3. to be left alone. (Definitely!)
4. some coaching. (Also true)
5. to keep my mouth shut sometimes. (Oh so true)
6. to get on with my life. (This is a weekly thought)
7. cash. (Getting very realistic)
8. a better man. (I wonder what T thinks about this).
9. you!
10. an extra minute to finish her chicken.
(well, that's almost right. I need an extra minute to finish my beer). So until my CPE supervisor once said,

Peace, Love, and Chocolately Kisses!