Thursday, January 18, 2007

Kids and Coachroaches?!?!

Back so soon you say? I must be on a post final exam week high :-)
I actually had planned on posting this Wednesday night but my final gasp of procrastination on my paper kept me from the blog.

Anyway, I came home from work Tuesday evening and T was just getting A ready for bed. When I went back to her room to get an update on her day, I was informed by daddy T that her preschool class purchased some new class pets. Now her class already has a guinea pig (which I find a bit controversial considering the high tendency of children with rodent/fur allergies) and some fish that continually cycle through because they starve over breaks. So T asks me to guess what kind of pet they have. I'm thinking hamster, bird...not thinking out of the box. Nope, I'm not even close. That's right my friends, they have purchased COCKROACHES as the new class pet! Cockroaches?!?! My first thought was..."Why did you buy them? We can rustle up some nice ones in hanging around our apartment complex" And then my second thought was "gross"! Now I've been assured that these are not regular cockroaches but I just can't get past the fact that they look just like the ones that we desperately try to keep out of our apartment. Thankfully, A has expressed that she knows the difference and that we still "squish" the little ones :-)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Exams done!

Alrighty. Before I post anything else, I have to pause to rejoice. I just completed my last paper/final about five minutes ago! I have had this goal (more like a commitment) during this seminary adventure that I would not do schoolwork after midnight. This is especially hard since despite no longer being a true night owl, my brain still functions best from about 8pm to 2 am. But I also have learned over the years the price I have to pay if I stay up and work past midnight. So the promise to myself was that if I couldn't get it done by midnight, then it wasn't going to get down...that seemed to do the trick. The only time I broke my rule was during the 2004 presidential election. I figured if I was going to stay up to watch nothing happen in Ohio, I might as well get some reading done :-) But I didn't make the same mistake as 2000 (when I stayed up until 5am only to go to work at 8, ugh!

So all that to say. I am done, done, done! Phew!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2007 Changes anticipated and otherwise

2007 has begun. As you may notice, I didn't keep too well to my blog updates since September. Much has occurred since that time. Continued challenges with balance and both joys and struggles along the way. Yesterday and this morning, I spent some time reflecting on all of that.

Since September, I'm almost finished being a full time student. Give me two weeks and I will only have one more class to complete my degree program. I am very thankful for this since many changes are headed my way in the next six months. Some of these include a move this week across the street due to flooding in our apartment, the upcoming birth of our second child (hopefully in late April), graduation, and figuring out where the heck to live post June/July 07. Needless to say, the plate is full.

Some happy changes include developing leadership skills with a student organization on campus and carving out time social time with other women in my community. That has been something that has been severely lacking in my time in seminary. Sure, I work with other women in the classroom. I socialize at student activities or community parties. However, I have sorely missed intentional friendship building time with other women who are my peers, students or neighbors. This past semester, I have really made strides in this area and have some deeper friendships as a result.

An anxious change that has developed in the past few days is with my pregnancy. I hadn't mentioned it in September because I was still in the first trimester, but now I am at 24 weeks and up until now, things have been going well. The little guy (so the tech. claims) is strong and lets me know of his presence all the time. However, Saturday evening, I began to notice that I wasn't feeling my best. I sat down to rest and noticed I was having contractions about 2-3 minutes apart. They weren't very painful but they were different than Braxton-Hicks. After 45 minutes, I called my midwife and to my surprise, she told me to come to the hospital. T and I went and after about 2 hours and one IV bag of fluid, the contractions stopped and they sent me home, with a good chastisement for not drinking enough fluids. We went home thinking all was well. Well, on Sunday night, I again was sitting and around the same time of the evening, I began to notice contractions again at 3 minutes apart. This time, T and I decided to let it ride but after 4 hours and a conversation with my mom's friend who is a delivery nurse, it was back to the hospital. T and I technically brought in the new year in the hallway of our apartment but by 12:45, I was being wheeled up alone to the maternity floor for overnight observation. By 4 am, they were able to make the contractions stop and thankfully my cervix is "closed, thick, and high" as they kept sharing with each other, but it was a long night.

I have been contraction free for over 24 hours, but this has definitely put a new spin on the pregnancy. I was just beginning to think about ways to relish this time and now I want to press the fast forward button for at least 6 weeks into the future.

So, I can't make any promises about this blog, but it is among my new year's resolutions, including copious amounts of water and sitting on my butt more than I would like. As always, thanks for reading, despite having to wait many weeks.