Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Exams done!

Alrighty. Before I post anything else, I have to pause to rejoice. I just completed my last paper/final about five minutes ago! I have had this goal (more like a commitment) during this seminary adventure that I would not do schoolwork after midnight. This is especially hard since despite no longer being a true night owl, my brain still functions best from about 8pm to 2 am. But I also have learned over the years the price I have to pay if I stay up and work past midnight. So the promise to myself was that if I couldn't get it done by midnight, then it wasn't going to get down...that seemed to do the trick. The only time I broke my rule was during the 2004 presidential election. I figured if I was going to stay up to watch nothing happen in Ohio, I might as well get some reading done :-) But I didn't make the same mistake as 2000 (when I stayed up until 5am only to go to work at 8, ugh!

So all that to say. I am done, done, done! Phew!