Thursday, January 18, 2007

Kids and Coachroaches?!?!

Back so soon you say? I must be on a post final exam week high :-)
I actually had planned on posting this Wednesday night but my final gasp of procrastination on my paper kept me from the blog.

Anyway, I came home from work Tuesday evening and T was just getting A ready for bed. When I went back to her room to get an update on her day, I was informed by daddy T that her preschool class purchased some new class pets. Now her class already has a guinea pig (which I find a bit controversial considering the high tendency of children with rodent/fur allergies) and some fish that continually cycle through because they starve over breaks. So T asks me to guess what kind of pet they have. I'm thinking hamster, bird...not thinking out of the box. Nope, I'm not even close. That's right my friends, they have purchased COCKROACHES as the new class pet! Cockroaches?!?! My first thought was..."Why did you buy them? We can rustle up some nice ones in hanging around our apartment complex" And then my second thought was "gross"! Now I've been assured that these are not regular cockroaches but I just can't get past the fact that they look just like the ones that we desperately try to keep out of our apartment. Thankfully, A has expressed that she knows the difference and that we still "squish" the little ones :-)


Blogger Teri said...

gross gross gross gross gross!!!!! That is NOT my kind of class....

10:25 PM, January 23, 2007  

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